Permission for Sale of Bt. Cotton Hybrids in Rajasthan 2019

खेती समाचार Government of Rajasthan Commissionerate of Agriculture, Rajasthan, Jaipur | बीटी की बिक्री के लिए अनुमति। खरीफ-2019 | राजस्थान में नरमा हाइब्रिड बीज को मिली परमिशन

Permission for sale of Bt. Cotton hybrids in Rajasthan (under approved name) during Kharif-2019 -reg.

 Permission for Sale of Bt. Cotton Hybrids in Rajasthan

In pursuance of the approval/recommendation given by GEAC/ Standing Committee on Bt. Cotton, GOI,Ministry of Environment & Forest, CS Division / Ministry of Science & Technology, Department of Biotechnology and DAC & FW-ICAR,New Delhi for commercial cultivation of Bt. Cotton hybrids (BG-I&BG-II) in Rajasthan, permission for sale of BtCotton hybrid seeds (under approved name) is hereby accorded as per details enclosed at Annex-1 (Page- 1- 16 )

Terms & Conditions:

  1. For assessment ofperformance of specific Bt. hybrid, one trial of each Bt. Cotton hybrid willbe laid out at ATC/ ARS/ KVK farms of the respective agro-climatic zones ofRajasthan. For organizing such trials at ATCs,the company may provide seeds free of cost to the .Joint Director Agriculture (ATC) , Commissionerate of Agriculture, Pant Krishi Bhawan, Jaipur by 30th April, 2019. ATCwillcharge fee for testing as per norms. In case, trials on a particular Bt. hybrid have already been conducted for 2 years, then there will not be any requirement for further trial. It is reiterated that testing of Bt hybrids in the different agro-climatic zones of the State is must as future sale permission would be based on the performance.
  2. Bt. Cotton growingfarmers are required to be giventrainings by the companies in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture as per following schedule:* First training at pre-sowing stage – regarding package of practices, sowing technology, refuge seed, manure, & fertilizer etc.*Second at crop growth Stage – regarding IPM technology & other package of agricultural practices to be followed.*Third at harvesting stage – proper harvesting and post-harvest management aspects.

    *Package of practices (in Hindi) should be made available to the farmers in the training and also kept either inside or along with seed packet.

  3. Company representatives should coordinate with the Deputy Director Agriculture (Ext.) Zila Parishad/ Assistant Director Agriculture (Ext.) and provide them all details oftheir sale position on fortnightly basis in enclosed format.
  4. Seed Company must also ensure compliance ofthe terms & conditions laid down by GEAC/ Standing Committee on Bt. Cotton, GOI,in their approval letters.
  5. While selling Bt. Cotton seeds (including refuge seed) to the farmers, company / dealers should not provide any unwanted products /inputs to the farmers.
  6. Company should givepriority to cooperative sector (KVSS/ GSS)in the district to supply of certain proportion (15-20%)of Bt Cotton seeds so that Bt Cotton seed could easily be available to the farmers. In this context, concerned Dy. Director Agriculture (Ext) , Zila Parishad may organize a meeting with the Dy. / Asstt. Registrar, Cooperative & concerned Bt. Cotton companies and discuss & decide the modality as per the need ofthe district.
  7. Post release monitoring of Bt. Cotton hybrids is to be done by the Monitoring Committees of SAUsin their respective areas and report is to be submitted to the Department.
  8. The concerned companies will make available the district wise and variety wise sale plan and list of Bt. cotton seed distributors / dealers to the Dy. Director of Agriculture (Ext.)ZilaParishad ofthe concerned district.
  9. AllCompanies ensure that sale of Bt Cotton packets should not be exceed the approved number of packets of each hybrid without prior permission from Department.
  10. .Asper provisions of the Essential CommodityAct-1955 & Seed (Control)Order1983, it is to be ensured by the companies that their dealers issue cash memo with other information (lotno., name ofhybrid, weight, rate etc.) required to the farmers.
  11. GOI,vide Gazette notification no. S.O. 1212 (E)dated 08-03-2019, have declared the maximum sale price for one packet of Bt cotton hybrid (450 gram of Bt cotton seed plus 120 gram refugia) for the year 2019-20 which are Ra. 635/for BGI and Ra. 7301- for BGD per packet, respectively. As per GOILetter no. 6-2/2015-SD.V dated 27.05.2016, notified price ofBG D will apply for GFM.It should be ensured that Bt cotton seeds are not sold beyond this rate in the market.
  12. Based on the trails conducted at ARSof SAU’s& Departmental ATCsand the recommendations finalized in the meeting held on 14.02.2019 at ARS, Sriganganagar (proceeding issued vide No.F.7(185)P/DR/2019/4723 dated 23.02.2019) for the management of Whiteflyand LeafCurl Virus (CLCV)in North Zone, the sale of Bt. Cotton hybrids susceptible to whitefly and CLCV disease are not permitted in Sriganganagar, Hanumangarh 8 & Bikaner districts of the State.

Agriculture Department Permission for sale of Bt. Cotton hybrids in Rajasthan Download Here PDF File

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